My Piaware Setup

Here’s my setup for Site 11690 it’s pretty standard with off-the-shelf components.
Computer: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B running PiAware SD card edition.
Antenna: Stock dvb-t antenna.

Receiver Location:

At the moment the receiver is inside my 5th floor apartment. I hope to move it up onto the roof in the near future and add a better antenna.

I have since moved the antenna up on to the roof the coverage has doubled, i used to pickup around 500 planes in a day now it’s well over 1000.

Site Location:

The site is in Fuping (富平, in Shaanxi Province close to the province capital Xi’an.

Flightaware pic
Map of the Location of the Piaware setup

As you can see the receiver is slap bang in the Middle of China, the nearest site is 329 miles away in Hubei.

The traffic I’m picking up at the moment seem to be plains flying in and out of Xi’an Xianyang airport, as well as domestic flights from Southern China to Beijing.

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